Rx Monitor

Monitor 2G/3G/4G mobile radio signal reception from cell sites.

Data and Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 21, 2018




In this document, the terms "we", "us", "our" refer to the developer of mobile application Rx Monitor.


This document provides information about our policies regarding to the collection, use and disclosure of data in Rx Monitor mobile application.


Information Collection and Use


Rx Monitor collect network statuses, call and data connection statuses, and location data for display inside the app. Those data stays inside the phone and is never transmitted to us.


In Pro version, you can save the collected data into log file inside phone storage for future playback. The log files will be stored in shared location so they can be managed by any file manager apps. However other apps with proper permissions can access them as well. If you feel that those data is sensitive, you can delete them from the phone when they are no longer in use.


We include the following third pary tools in the app:

  • Admob and Facebook Audience Network (for advertisement, not used in Pro version)

  • Firebase (for usage statistics)

These tools may collect data that deems private to their server for correct operation. The data that the tools presents to us does not contain private nor sensitive information. For example, country, Android version, and phone model of users are presented, but these do not reveal the identity or other sensitive information of users. Furthermore these tools are from Google and Facebook which we consider trustworthy that maintain good security with the data.


For information on how Firebase and Admob handle information collection, see How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps. For information on how Facebook Audience Network handle information collection, see Data Policy.


Changes To This Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is subjected to changes in the future. When the changed Privacy Policy is published on this web page, it is in effect immediately. A copy of this policy, tailored to specific app version, is included in the app beginning from version 4.1.3 and you will be prompted for acknowledgement if there is change to the policy.


Contact Us


Please contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy.


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Rx Monitor provides real-time display of mobile network information that the phone communicates. Basic network information, call and data statuses, received radio signal from cell sites are included. Clicking on displayed information produces help dialog explaining many terms and acronyms. Cell information works on all technologies: GSM, UMTS, LTE. Showing cells' frequencies requires Android 7.0 or newer.


Chart for signal level is also available and can be zoomed (pinch-zoom) and scrolled (swipe diagonally) with black vertical line app not running at that point. Events tab shows changes to phone status which may be of interest.


With neighbor cell information, following are examples of use cases to help figuring out what is happening with your mobile coverage:

  • Find out how well you have LTE coverage. Whether you are in the cell area with strong LTE signal from one cell or at somewhere around cell edge where LTE signal from two or more cells have similar signal strength. If the cell you are using has problem, whether there is any other cell with good coverage as backup.

  • If your location only has 3G coverage, you can find out what is the signal level of LTE. You can walk around with this app to find out where LTE coverage ends and the service drops to 3G.

  • If you have Android 7.0, you can check signal level of LTE belonging to different bands. What is the signal level of the band you prefer (for example with large bandwidth, 4x4 MIMO, etc.) and which band the phone is using.

For phones with two SIM cards equipped, operator and service statuses can be displayed for each SIM card while registered (i.e. connected) cells and neighbor cells are for both SIM combined.

IMPORTANT: This app may not work at all or not give correct values on some brands or some models of phones due to the companies' implementation of Android software in those phones.


The app offers in-app purchase for Pro version which will enable the following features. They are managed via option menu on the upper right corner of the app.

  1. Remove ads.

  2. Background monitoring. The app records (and possibly saves in log file) even when other apps are active on the phone. Notification message is shown to indicate that background operation is running. You can stop background monitoring by either using Recent Apps button (right button) and click "X" to close app, or disable background from the option menu.

  3. Log file saving. Log files will be created in app's private folder. Log files created during previous app sessions can be moved to a public folder via option menu so that they can be managed by popular File Manager apps. Log files, both in private and public folders, can be opened using Files tab. (This tab is not shown if there is no log files.) Log file is in sqlite database format and is in the form RxMon-<date>-<time>.db In case of log writing error, file with .db-journal extension is also produced. The .db-journal file will help fix the database when the .db file is opened.

  4. Obtain phone location using GPS. Network-based location is also enabled/disabled at the same time. Currently this is only for saving into log file. Both GPS and network location are saved in the log.

For problem report or suggestions, please contact the application developer, Kriang Lerdsuwanakij via email: lerdsuwa@truemail.co.th

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